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Solenoid Repair and Replacement in Des Moines, Iowa

Solenoid Repair

All Drive specializes in transmission solenoid repair.

Solenoid Replacement

All Drive can help with replacing your solenoids.

Solenoid Rebuild

The transmission experts at All Drive have over 100 years of experience rebuilding transmission solenoids.

All Drive Transmission is Des Moines’ trusted auto shop for solenoid repair and replacement. Central Iowans have turned to us to fix and repair solenoids for over 36 years. All Drive’s highly-trained technicians are certified to work on solenoids in all makes and models including both automatic and manual transmissions. Call 515-274-0551 to schedule an appointment or stop by our shop at 2929 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway.

What is a Solenoid?
The solenoids main function is directing transmission fluid into the valve body when a gear is changed. This action results in the vehicle properly engaging the correct gear. The transmission solenoid contains a spring-loaded plunger which is opened by an electrical charge from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Transmission Control Unit (TCM). When the plunger opens the transmission fluid flows into the valve body pressurizing the desired clutches and bands. The solenoid is crucial for your vehicle’s performance so we take it seriously here at All Drive Transmission in Des Moines.

Anatomy of the Solenoid
On most vehicles you will find the solenoids connected to the valve body inside the oil pan. As mentioned above, the solenoid feature a plunger that is wrapped in wire. This wire is the recipient of an electrical charge from the ECU or TCM that opens the plunger allowing the fluid to flow. If the vehicle is equipped with a TCU the hydraulic circuit is opened or closed with a direct 12v signal. An ECU will control the solenoid plunger by turning the ground circuit on and off. Solenoids can control a single gear or multiple gears depending on their design.

Average Cost to Replace Solenoid
Cost to replace a solenoid typically falls in the $300-$800 range. This price varies based off the year, make and model of the vehicle because the location of the solenoid will determine how long it takes a mechanic to properly repair or replace. There is not an average lifetime for the transmission solenoid since it’s an electrical component that wears with time. Vehicles that are driven hard or utilized for hauling will wear out solenoids more quickly. All Drive Transmission offers low prices and dependable service for individuals seeking solenoid repair or replacement in Des Moines.

Trust All Drive With Your Solenoid
Since 1984 All Drive has been the trusted source for fixing solenoids in Des Moines, Iowa. The technicians combine for over 100 years of experience working on cars, trucks, SUVS and vans. Give us a call today at 515-559-3463 or swing by the shop. We will properly diagnose your vehicle and get it fixed quickly so you can get back on the road!

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