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Transmission Reseal Expert in Des Moines, Iowa

Leak Diagnosis

All Drive can help to properly diagnose the leaking fluid.

Transmission Reseal

We can reseal the leak and get your transmission fixed.

Fluid Check

Our transmission experts will review fluid levels to make sure they are ideal.

All Drive Transmission is the one-stop transmission shop for reseals in Des Moines. For over 36 years the residents of Central Iowa have trusted us to properly diagnose and fix leaking transmissions. All Drive’s trained technicians are certified to reseal both automatic and manual transmissions in all makes and models. We also offer an industry-leading warranty program to back up our work. Give All Drive a call at 515-559-3463 to schedule an appointment or visit the shop at 2929 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway – centrally located between Hickman and Douglas.

What Causes a Transmission Leak?
Identifying a leaking transmission is as simple as noticing red fluid on the ground or underside of your vehicle. Figuring out where it came from is the difficult part. The transmission features hundreds of parts including between five and twenty seals based off the type of vehicle. It’s not quite searching for a needle in a haystack but close!

Most transmission leaks are caused by broken seals and loose or worn parts. Over time the transmission pan, seals, and torque converter experience wear and tear that will often result in leaks. Other possibilities include a damaged fluid line or overflowing fluid. If all those potential problem areas check out then it’s likely a bolt or drain plug that’s not tight or has been stripped.

Average Cost to Fix a Leaking Transmission
The cost to fix a transmission leak is tough to estimate due to the long list of potential causes. What seems like a small leak can require a full rebuild or replacement while a larger leak can be fixed in a short time if it’s an external seal. So, the range is anywhere from $200 to $5,000 or more if a full replacement is required. The year, make and model of the vehicle should also be considered because the engine and transmission layout will determine how much labor time is required. Transmissions are built strong so you should expect the seals and other parts to hold up but time and engine stress will lead to wear and tear. All Drive offers affordable pricing to properly diagnose and fix your transmission leak so you’re in the right place.

Trust All Drive to Fix Your Transmission Leak
Since 1984 All Drive has been the trusted expert in Des Moines for identifying and fixing leaking transmissions. Our highly-trained technicians combine for over 100 years of experiencing working on cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. If you notice that your vehicle is leaking pink or red fluid please give us a call at 515-274-0551 or stop by the shop. We will fix the leak and get you back on the road fast!

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Come see us today at 2929 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway between Hickman and Douglas in Des Moines. Or, call 515-559-3463 now to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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