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All Drive – Investing in People Since 1984

Jul 04, 2020

A small business owner once told me they follow the motto: “If you invest in people you will never be poor.” We chatted and both agreed that’s not only a good motto for business but for life in general. It’s been 20 years since having that conversation and I still think about that simple 10-word sentence almost every day. What does it have to do with All Drive? Keep reading.

All Drive Transmission’s story began in 1984 when Randall and Vicki Garrett broke ground on the current facility on Des Moines’ northside. Over the next 35+ years the shop has expanded twice and the business has held up through strong and not-so-strong economic environments.

I asked Randall when we first met: “If you had to choose one reason for the longevity and success of All Drive, what would it be?” He said “I’ve always had a passion for helping people.” Upon hearing this I immediately thought back to the quote about investing in people. It makes perfect sense.

The economy ebbs and flows. The stock market is a roller coaster. There are unforeseeable national and worldwide crises that pop up out of nowhere. Businesses open and others close every day. These days that is more apparent than ever. Through it all…if you invest in people you will never be poor. Like most inspirational quotes, it’s easy to say but much harder to do.

It’s not just about customers. Customers are important and a requirement for a business to operate but there are so many other people involved. Here at All Drive, every person impacted by our business is important. We invest in our employees by providing them with quality tools, safe equipment and ongoing training. Our staff is our strongest asset so providing a quality work environment is our top priority. Hard working employees that are setup for success results in the highest quality of transmission and auto repair in the Des Moines area. It doesn’t stop there. All Drive has become a community staple by being a reliable partner to our auto repair colleagues and a quality neighbor to the businesses and homes near our facility.

Fast forward to 2020 and All Drive remains a staple of the Central Iowa community and Des Moines’ most trusted transmission repair shop. Randall and Vicki have transitioned into well-deserved retirement. The business remains family-owned after being purchased by Eric and Rose Wilcox. Same talented technicians with over 100 years of combined experience are doing what they do best. The shop is expanding its service offerings and is setup to succeed for another 36 years.

Much will remain the same around All Drive. At the top of that list is a culture of helping people which has been the backbone of this organization since 1984.

You see, bad things happen in life. Economy’s crash. Global crises happen occasionally. Tragedy occurs. Through it all, people always remember how you treat them. No matter the circumstances, if you do right by people, most will return the favor. In other words – “If you invest in people you will never be poor.”

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