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Why Is My Car Shaking And Vibrating?

Jul 28, 2020

A smooth ride is a great feeling. It’s calming to cruise down the road knowing that your car is healthy. But when that smooth ride gets bumpy it’s a warning sign that something is wrong. The smart move is to take your vehicle to trusted auto mechanic to have the shaking and vibrating properly diagnosed.

How Can I Diagnose The Issue?
The cause for strange noises coming from your car, truck, SUV or van could be a number of things. First, we recommend pinpointing when the noise occurs and from which part of your vehicle. Your mechanic will most likely ask the following questions in order to properly diagnose the vehicle.

Does the vibration happen at certain MPH or as the car increases speed?
This type of noise often results from complications with the engine or wheels. The engine is the most likely culprit and may feel like a shudder or shake. Review the spark plugs and their wire connections. Check the oil and air filters. If those look OK then it’s time to move to the engine and transmission. The motor mount may be loose due to wear and tear or the radiator fan might be shot.

Within the wheels, brake rotors are a common cause for shaking and vibration. The brake pads and calipers can also get worn down and make noise. Your car’s steering system is another potential cause – a bent axle, damaged steering wheel or leaking power steering fluid will make your ride less smooth. If none of those areas are causing the problem then it’s likely due to damaged rims, unbalanced or worn tires, or loose lug nuts.

Does the vibration only occur when the car is in park with the engine running?
Start with the spark plugs and engine mount. If those are OK then review all hoses and belts within the engine to ensure they are properly connected and not worn out. Finally, check the fuel intake system to confirm the valves are clear and clean.

Does the noise seem to be coming from the seats or steering wheel?
Make sure the seat is secured to the vehicle then move onto the suspension parts, brakes and tires. If the steering wheel is the source you are likely looking at problems with the wheels. As mentioned above, review the brakes, rims and tires as those are most likely causing the shaking or vibrating.

Are there other strange noises when the car shakes?
Diagnosing the location of the noise is top priority in this scenario, too. Other noises usually indicate additional problems with the car, truck, SUV or van. They may also contribute to the other shakes and vibrations coming from your vehicle.

The noises coming from your vehicle can likely be explained by one of the sources listed above but if you can’t identify the issue then it’s time to turn to a trusted mechanic. All Drive Transmission has been helping Des Moines-area residents with their vehicles since 1984. Visit the shop at 2929 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway in Des Moines or call us at 515-559-3463 today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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